Nearly every gay man has had a mentor at one time or another in his life. They usually come in the form of a boyfriend, usually older. This type of organic mentoring has been a part of gay culture since gay culture has existed. 

There are problems with the organic  mentoring model. The mentor and protege are involved, not only emotionally, but sexually, and often financially. These ties can cloud the judgement of the mentor and the protege.

The League of Gay Gentlemen offers a new solution to the mentoring question. Match newly out or young gay men with successful, openly established gay men. Who better to teach a gay man to be successful then a successful gay man?

We all came from parents. Some good, some bad. Some present, some... not so much. When it comes time to ask questions that only gay men have to deal with our parents may not be our best resource. This is where League mentors step in.

Because our mentors are not financially or sexually involved with our proteges, our proteges have nothing to loose and everything to gain by asking they questions about gay life, they dare not ask anybody else.

The League is currently in its infancy and is working toward growth. With your support and donation of time, and funding we look forward to creating a world were being gay is synonymous with being successful .

       - Justin M. Riordan